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Enhance Grievance Resolution with AI Assistance

Introducing AiFGE – your AI-powered assistant in grievance management. Simplify the process with our advanced natural language search and document retrieval system, designed to minimize overhead and maximize efficiency. AiFGE helps union stewards access vital information quickly, making it easier to address member concerns accurately and promptly. Elevate your grievance resolution process with the power of AI.

Discover Our Features

Efficient Document Indexing

Access key documents like master and supplemental agreements with ease. Our smart search quickly finds relevant references, making grievance navigation swift and simple.

Intuitive AI Conversations

Communicate naturally with our LLM agent, designed for both typed and voice interactions. Get accurate responses and retrieve information effortlessly, enhancing decision-making and reducing resolution times.

Streamlined Case Tracking

Keep your grievance conversations organized with our advanced thread management system. Track ongoing cases, maintain historical records, and ensure continuity in every interaction, all within a user-friendly interface.